Admitting, Accepting and Embracing Who We Truly Are

"You might have people in your life who offer you conditional love, whether spoken or unspoken.  "I'll love you, as long as..."  You might have had the experience of people dropping out of your life after they found out the truth of who you are.  But while that can be painful and difficult to accept, we must not abandon ourselves!  We are worthy of living the life that works for us, regardless of someone else's truth.  If it is not our truth, it is not for us.

Many people find it necessary to stay in the closet, so parents, family, etc. will love them.  Everyone must do what they feel they are called to do.  My family and close friends were completely loving and accepting when I came out, and I feel great compassion for people who were not as fortunate.  But if keeping the secret (whatever the secret is) is causing you to stay in self-defeating and self-destructive situations, it's time to take another look.  Family's love and acceptance is important, if it's realistically possible.  But what about honoring and loving ourselves?"

                                             --from "As Long As You Love Me,"

                                          a chapter in Coming Out to Ourselves


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