Admitting, Accepting and Embracing Who We Truly Are

"In Coming Out to Ourselves, Jerry Troyer serves as an expert guide to accepting, loving and taking care of yourself.  By sharing his own personal experiences and insights so poignantly, he opens your heart, inspiring you to look more closely at your own life.  You will be surprised at how easy it is to find yourself on the pages of this hopeful and encouraging book.  A compelling read." -- Debbie Ford, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers.

"With refreshing honesty and a gentle tender spirit, Jerry Troyer brings the reader on a journey toward enlightenment that all can relate to here and now.  His story, his shames and his triumphs, his courage and his wisdom, all of these wake us up to a powerful new awareness of self-love, compassion and understanding.  His book opens the heart!" -- Rev. Edwene Gaines, bestselling author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance.

"With the words, '...there is no such thing as those people.  There is only us,' Jerry Troyer welcomes everyone who has struggled, and really, everyone who reads this book, to truly love and take care of themselves."  --  Lambda Award-winning novelist Anthony Bidulka, author of the Russell Quant detective series. 

"This book reveals how issues of shame, addiction and religion are interconnected--and how healing can happen." -- Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy L. Wilson, Moderator, Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches.

"This is a genuine and inspiring guide on growth and acceptance of our true selves.  This book is for anyone motivated and ready to break the bonds keeping us from living our most optimal lives."  --  Dr. Fritz Galette, Adjunct Assistant Professor at New York University, practicing psychologist, and host of "The Dr. Fritz Show" on WWRL 1600 Radio.

"Shame is pervasive in our culture, and Jerry Troyer skilfully guides us through the process of identifying and then releasing this toxic energy from our lives.  Coming Out to Ourselves is part biography, part self-discovery guidebook, and pure inspiration.  This book will open your heart, and allow you to embrace the magnificence of your self."  --  Rev. Sally Robbins, Senior Minister, Columbia (Maryland) Center for Spiritual Living.

"Finally someone is willing to 'paint it red.'  Jerry Troyer has given us an honest and powerful gem to digest in his new book.  Every one who hides from their 'true nature' or knows of someone who is living a lie needs the message of this tell-all book.  No hiding anymore."  --  Rev. David Leonard, Senior Minister, Center for Spiritual Living of Huntsville, Alabama.

"Coming Out to Ourselves speaks on behalf of everyone who doesn't want to give up being real for being loved.  It's a balm as well as a call to embrace our truest self so we can live life full out!  Read it and share it."   --  Victoria Castle, author of The Trance of Scarcity.  

"An engaging story that touches the heart, calling to the soul to shine and be authentic, all the while discovering the beauty of who we each have been created to be.  A must read for anyone seeking to fully step into their own power."  --  Rev. Jamie Sanders, Senior Minister, Unity of Pensacola.

"With its depth, caring and compassion, this book is a must read for anyone who has ever been afraid to be who they really are." -- Dr. Michele Whittington, Senior Minister, Creative Living Fellowship, Phoenix, Arizona.



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